"The Great Controversy"


"Where the Bible Ends; an Amazing Story Began"

The book, "Great Controversy, Between Christ and His Angels and Satan and His Angels" is on this website in many languages. Read it in your own language! We give you permission to copy and print part or all of the book! No charge. Tell others about this website! Share the important message of this book with others!

A Book that Explains the Past;
A Book that Unveils the Future;
'Great Controversy' is a book for our times.

The classic of church history from Christ's time down to our own, and beyond. A careful selection of significant events that show what really happened back then and why, and what it means to us today. Using the past to explain the present, it then goes into detail about what is just ahead.

The most penetrating analysis of the past and the future in relation to our time now available.

The story of God's people and how they lived and suffered for their faith, and were willing to die for it so we today could have the Bible.

The story of what they died to give us and how we today are losing it.

The book that explains our time. In the great prophecy of Jesus, in Matthew 24, He foresaw the destruction of Jerusalem. in A.D. 70, the end of the world, and the ages of suffering for God's people between the two. Here you will see the panoramic sweep of that powerful prophecy spread out before you.

One of the most significant books of our time, as it step by step explains the crisis that is developing, why it is developing, and what must be done to meet it.

A book that will deepen your experience in the Lord as you see His care for His children and His Word over the past 2,000 years. A book that tells why the martyrs died and what they were trying to give back to us. A book that tells what we lost.

A sweeping look at history with staggering implications for our time. From the beginning Satan has tried to destroy the Bible and the people of God, and this work is going on today.

This book is unique in its field. It is to be used along with your Bible and where your Bible ends, there, as far as a point of time in history, there the Great Controversy begins, giving the last 2,000 years of what really happened.

It tells the story of God's people during that time, and shows how He led them. It's like a history book and yet it is far more interesting and inspirational. It only selects out the most unusual events of those 2,000 years, that clearly show what took place and why. And how those events then, have affected our world to­day. This well-known classic on church history has gone through millions of copies. and has been translated into over twenty different languages.

It starts out where the Bible ends and takes us right through the Dark Ages. It tells why the early Christians were persecuted and why they choose to die rather than deny Christ. It also shows how the Bible truths they were willing to die for were gradually being taken away. It tells how the Catholic Church started and where the various other churches came from.

This book tells why the great Reformation was needed, and why it was halted and what that means to us today. In our time the world is on the verge of a stupendous crisis, and many thinking people believe it may be the last in history.

Here at last is a clear understanding of what we face today, how it has been building up for generations now and what is just ahead.

In this book you will see the issues made very, very clear. From the beginning, Satan has been trying destroy the Bible and the people of God, and this work is going on today. The author traces the story so vividly, so clearly, that this book has become one of the most controversial, most talked about best sellers of modern times, with editions currently on sale in a score of languages.

The issues in the controversy are so great, the stakes are so high, that someone had to utter these words of warning and enlightenment. Thank God, someone did.

No reader who turns the pages of Great Controversy will put it down without wondering whether it was more than chance that led him to discover it.

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